About Us

We’re happy that you have stopped by to visit our website and hope that you find our offering workable for your needs. iMusician Apps are your go to developers when it comes to designing and developing professional and affordable mobile apps for the music industry. We’ve worked very hard to put together something that will help you reach your fans, clients or customers, and we look forward to working hard for you.

Meet the Team


Chris “Shorty” Cherryholmes

Co-Owner, Developer & Administrator

Growing up in the 50’s, 60’s and early 70’s had a lot to do with shaping my love for music. Some of the greats came from this era and I was able to witness it all. Listing to music from the Beatles, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and so many more as well as attending many live concerts inspired me to become a musician, playing the guitar, piano and harmonica. Along with being a musician I have been developing software for the past 20 years giving me the perfect opportunity to combine my experiences and passions together. 

About Us

Josue “Sway” Cherryholmes

Co-Owner, Developer & Graphic Designer

Growing up around my dad who is a musician he taught me to appreciate the classics. When I was in middle school I started playing trumpet in the school band, performing in festivals and parades this was only the start of my interest in music. In high school my dad and I started going to a lot of Blue’s concerts around town and I fell in love with the drums which was about the time I got my first set for my birthday. Along with my passion for music I also have a passion for art, which is where my experience as a graphic designer began. I also have over 6 years of graphic design and customer support.