Some of Our Customers

  • Rob Balducci

    Rob Balducci

    Guitarist, composer, producer and teacher
    Popular Songs
    Falling Water
    Of the Earth (A Vampire Love Story)
  • James Trussart Guitars

    James Trussart Guitars

    Has Made Guitars for:
    Bob Dylan
    Keith Richards
    Eric Clapton
    and many more…
  • Song of the Fall

    Song of the Fall

    Americana band comprised of Cia Cherryholmes and Stetson Adkisson
    Cia Cherryholmes – Banjo and Vocals
    Stetson Adkisson – Guitar and Vocals
  • Stanley Randolph

    Stanley Randolph

    Drummer & Producer
    Plays with:
    Christina Aguilera
    Stevie Wonder
  • Ryan Kilgore

    Ryan Kilgore

    Sax Player
    Plays with:
    Stevie Wonder
  • Republic Guitars

    Republic Guitars

    Resonator Luthier
    Has Made Guitars for:
    Billy Gibbons
    Johnny Winter
    John McFee
  • Bob Baldwin

    Bob Baldwin

    Jazz Pianist, music composer, author, and producer
    Popular Songs:
    Funky’ for Jamaica
    Stand Tall
    I Wanna Be Where You Are
  • Sideline


    Sideline is a powerful group of seasoned pros
    Skip Cherryholmes
    Steve Dilling
    Jason More
    Brian Aldridge
    Nathan Aldridge

Meet the Team


Chris “Shorty” Cherryholmes

Co-Owner, Developer, Administrator

Musician (Guitar, Harmonica, Piano/Keys)

Sway_1¬†Josue “Sway” Cherryholmes

Co-Owner, Developer, Graphic Designer

Musician (Drums, Guitar)